5 Reasons Why FIHM Is the Best Hotel Management College in Noida

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Students look for quality hotel management courses that not only make them employable but also provide an excellent learning experience. Here, at FIHM, School of Hotel Management, we offer well-rounded degree & diploma in hotel management courses to the aspirants who want to achieve their dreams of attaining a rewarding career in hospitality industry.

Federal Institute of Hotel Management (FIHM) is a famous hotel management institute in Noida known for its hospitality education that propels children to become future leaders of hospitality industry. The institute has been imparting quality education for the past years and presently, thousands and hundreds of students are at the forefront of knowledge and career development.

One thing you know for certain is that the FIHM is one of the best Hotel Management Colleges in Noida. Our institution is known for its scientific & industrious approach towards higher academics and make sure you have various opportunities to help make your time here as memorable a fruitful as possible. We all agree that choosing the top college for further study is difficult and involves hours of hard work. Researching the best college to attend requires an equally tough choice but here are some features that will absolutely assure you that FIHM is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for state-of-the-art management courses.

#1: Admission Process

The admission process is very easy, and applications are accepted anytime the institute is open. Federal Institute of Hotel Management (FIHM) institute needs scorecards, which makes it even more obvious. If you apply for a course that has higher aptitude requirements, you do need to submit respective scorecards with your application. If you are looking for the perfect option for an accredited Indian hotel management college, the FIHM should be one of the first things to consider.

#2: Faculty

We believe that teaching is innovative and builds creativeness in the minds of the students. There are numerous reasons why FIHM has been consistently ranked as the best Hotel Management College in Greater Noida. The clearest is that our well-trained faculty comes from the best management institutes in the country. They bring with them not just a sense of understanding based on theory, but the first-hand experience of what it is like to work in the field. This combination of theory and practice leads to an outstanding learning environment for the students.

#3: Infrastructure

The campus of Federal Institute of Hotel Management (FIHM) offers a beautiful, perfect environment. The spacious & well-planned classrooms are aesthetically pleasing to study in, where students can work in a continuous atmosphere. There are also many other facilities on campus, for example, medical and career counselling centres, seminar rooms,  discussion rooms, a library, an auditorium, and many more. We have state-of-the-art laboratories for training, and consistent wifi connectivity so that students can learn to enjoy studying.

#4: Placement

The placement office at FIHM dedicates significant time for students through personalization grooming sessions that make sure that they get the best opportunities in their future. This is additionally to the efforts of the institute’s professors to share their experience and umpteen knowledge that help the students during applications and any solutions needed to solve problems faced in the application process. This institute ensures the students with 100 percent guaranteed placement on national and multinational organizations.

#5: Internship

FIHM College is known for the strength of its internship program. Each student has the opportunity to complete six months of full-time experience in leading organizations in India and even around the world. We are equipped to provide excellent training for building the career of the students. Apart from opportunities for internships and co-operations with other industry leaders, our mission is to harvest scholarly seeds and get ready for their future ventures with success & panache.

At present, there is a large percentage of students are determined to come out as skilled aspirants in the management industry. That’s why, taking admission to a top management institute like FIHM, the top Hotel Management College in Noida is the best option. If you are looking for a management college where the faculty makes a big difference & then looks no further than FIHM. 

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