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Chef” – a Dreamer, a Passionate Cook, an Innovator, an Artist, an Army and above all undoubtedly a successful career too. Based upon survival elements on this planet Food is the most important element. Our mother nature had blessed us with its abundance source of food in forms of Trees, Plants, animal etc. From the ancient era of Cooking which had laid by the Fire invention Cooking is now became world’s one of the most artistic and creative career opportunity. Chef – a person who is not only skilled to prepare a tasty dish but also knowledgeable enough to create a nutritionally balanced food which is aesthetically presented and hygienically prepared.

‘I am a chef’ is what I say to excuse all this unruly unmannered behaviour – it became my identity. I worked for Taj group of hotels and many other renowned names. This is what always comes after ‘I am a chef’. It helps with my fear of you judging me. Running a busy service in the top kitchen is not a cake-walk. 

There is so much pressure to make sure every dish is served out perfect; I am inspecting everything by monitoring if something goes wrong what goes amazing is for me is just the Standard. If you are not good enough, you are told straight away without any thoughts. It is anexciting yet competitive environment where you must work as a team. When you do notits hard and chaos.

A chef is now became a brand of Hospitality industry. A hotel or a resort is unable to create its strong brand image without having its Food affair.

In spite of hardworking life, long hour’s duty time, maximum time contribution away from personal life a chef is committed to prepare and serve a tasty, hygienic and nutritious food to his / her guests with heart full of love and smile by considering guest as GOD for his / her restaurant.

Future in Hospitality Management or Hotel Management

Hence, besides Hospitality Management or Hotel Management a trend has become more famous and popular among youth to do a specialized course on –

  • Bsc. Degree in Culinary Operation & Management
  • Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate course in Culinary Arts

The person with keen interest and passion in Culinary Industry are very much eligible to do these above courses after 12th class. Now a days few reputed universities or institution have started giving Culinary Degree certification too.

From artisan-crafted fare to international flavours and techniques, the culinary arts are breathing new life into restaurant menus nationwide and are fuelling new product introductions in the retail sector. Understanding and capitalizing on up-and-coming culinary trends can separate a successful and informed business venture from one that enters the fray too late or even risks missing a lucrative market opportunity entirely.

Shifts in Hotel Management

Chefs, Executive chefs, Head cooks and Chefs de cuisine have busy days. Their shifts may start at different times depending on their place of work. For example, if the restaurant only does dinner service, the chef may start their shift mid-day in order to prepare Mis- en- Place. If the restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, then the chef would start their shift in the early hours of the morning.

One of their first tasks is to review inventory and ensure they have enough supplies needed for the coming days’ orders. If not, they will need to purchase additional ingredients and place orders with suppliers. Chefs will also check the quality of any raw ingredients to make sure they are fresh and ready to use during their shift.

In addition, the chef lifestyle includes administrative tasks, such as creating new menus. This may be something the restaurant changes each month or each season, depending on the ingredients they use. If the chef develops a new menu item, they may be responsible for training the junior chefs on how to prepare the meal. Part of the chef’s role may also involve setting the prices for each menu item and ensuring it suits both the customer and the restaurant.

Chefs may also take on other paperwork such as keeping inventory records and handling accounts, according to Owl Guru. They may also be responsible for negotiating new deals with suppliers and sourcing unique ingredients to set their restaurant apart from competitors. They also need to ensure that all of the kitchen equipment is functioning well, such as walk-in coolers, burners, grinders and high-quality knives.

Why Become a Chef?

New restaurants are popping up everywhere. Go to the city centre and you will see a few dozen cafes and dining venues serving the most amazing dishes one could think of. It’s no surprise that the number of chefs and head cooks in the U.S. increased from 109,000 in 2010 to 135,000 in 2016 — and it’s expected to reach 154,000 by 2026.

Skilled chefs are in high demand. Today’s customers have more options than ever before, so restaurants are competing with each other for talent. Job opportunities abound in the food service industry. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, employment for chefs will grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is a lot faster compared to the national average.

Cooking is an essential life skill and a popular hobby. Yet, increasingly more people prefer to eat out to save time or unwind at the end of a long day. As a chef, you will have the chance to work with a variety of foods and spices, experiment with new recipes and make money doing what you love.

As Chef you don’t just learn Cooking, you learn the science behind cooking and you will acquire knowledge on –

  • Food Science & Nutrition
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Food Cost Control
  • F&B Management

Culinary Operation is a versatile combination of study where an individual can do a specialisation on a specific cuisine too like-

  • Indian Cuisine
  • Continental Cuisine
  • Oriental Cuisine
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Grade-Manger
  • Butchery

Culinary industry has its one more trade of specialisation, which is very much popular and has a great career opportunity- Bakery & Confectionary too. So as per above-mentionedholisticapproach it can be stated that culinary industry is really a very successful and professional career option.

Job Prospects in Culinary Industry:

Many more Culinary aspirants made their successful career in this field. In terms of Job prospects Diploma or Degree certified Fresher candidate have multiple platform of service industry where can be placed as a Kitchen Associate or Kitchen Management Trainee. Few reputed Brands of hotels like Oberoi, Taj, Hyatt, ITC, Marriott, and Accor hold Kitchen Management Trainee Programs for high level of Associate Training program to prepare future Chef Supervisor position in their esteemed organisation. Otherwise, one can also be placed in any of the 5 star Hotels, Resort, Restaurants, Lounges, QSR, and Fast Food Chains as a Kitchen Associate.

Beside these, a Culinary Arts Certified student can also be placed in following sectors as Chef:

  • Flight Kitchen
  • Luxury Cruise line
  • Hospital Catering
  • Industrial Catering
  • Out Door Catering

Like Endless options, culinary industry has abundance chances of Entrepreneurship. One can easily be the Chef Cum Owner of his / her own venture like of a Restaurant, Coffee shop, Fast-food Joints, Catering & Events, Cloud Kitchen, Bakeshop, Culinary Institute etc. Designing, Planning and Managing a professional kitchen on a contract basis is also a very good Kitchen Management Consultancy Business opportunity one can find from this industry.

A well-established industry experienced Chef can also divert the career path toward the Culinary Education Training sector where one can share all his / her knowledge and industry expertise for making the future budding Kitchen professional’s career. A Culinary Educator or trainer can further go for the higher study and research study and can be a quality academic resource person for culinary students.

Culinary Education & Training at FIHM, Noida

Culinary industry which provides a young or a budding professional a successful Career of Chef and to achieve the same the candidate must have the correct knowledge and right skill training at a right platform and here let me take this opportunity to introduce with our own reputed Brand F.I.H.M- Federal Institute of Hotel Management, situated in Heart of the City if Noida, Sector -63.

FIHM is one of the Best Institutes of Hotel Management in Delhi NCR and in Pan India, which has a concept of Redefining Hospitality with all new trends and techniques. At FIHM academics and Job placement are our key point of focus. As a team, we are committed to deliver the best Academic inputs to our students so that they all can be ready for the International Level Hospitality job market.

It is the Brand of our parent organization MIOEC- Matrix Infosys Overseas Education Consultant. MIOEC is serving in Hospitality Education sector from last 20 years and it has a record of accomplishment of successful placement of International Internship and Job Placement of many more students. Our institution is the official academic delivery partner for OTHM Qualifications UK and HTMi Switzerland, along with this vertical, we provide “Overseas Internships & Placement” to the prospective graduates of Culinary Industry and offer traditional degree programs in different streams from UGC recognized universities.

Our organization is known to provide International Pathway Programs to UK, Canada and HTMi Switzerland. Currently, we are running more than 52 centers pan India for offering UG, PG and Diploma Programs and more than 12 Academic Delivery Centers for offering OTHM UK qualifications followed up by International Pathways. The other certifications, which FIHM, Top Hotel School offers to its students, include – THSC & NSDC certifications along with the current programs followed up by assured International Placements.

Here,we provide a World Class Modern infrastructure for culinary education and Training process. A rich and high standard of Academic Study materials written by renowned Culinary Educator of Indian Hospitality Industry is the main key factor of accruing right and meaningful knowledge on kitchen operations and management.

FIHM, Top Hotel Management College in India has its own “Centre for Culinary Excellence” where industry expert qualified Chefs have been appointed as Honorable Faculty members for imparting International level of Culinary Teaching and Training. “Smoke- N- Hott”, an Advance Studio Training Kitchen serves the purpose of Hot kitchen Skill development and training of our own FIHM enrolled Culinary Students from basic to advance level. Similarly “Bakery Lada”, a Hot Bakery Practical Lab and “Theobroma”, a modern Chocolate and Confectionary Laboratory are sufficient enough to train FIHM Culinary students from the basic to advance level of Bakery & Confectionary Education as per the demand of Job market.

Apart from regular theory and practical classes input by our expert team of Chef faculty our students gets chance to attend and interact a series of Guest lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Field visit, Industry visit, Vocational training, Casual training for Modern Culinary Industry Trend related inputs. Students are also motivated and engaged in various Culinary Research Works, Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Event Management activities for nurturing their talent, knowledge, skill and recognizing them with reward and awards.

Many well renowned Chefs of Indian hospitality Industry are members of our Culinary Advisory Board. The implementation of continuous guidance, mentoring and endless opportunities from our Advisory Members are the key speciality factor of our Academic Quality Standard Policy.

Here we are providing the following course through which a student can make his / her car successfully as a Chef.

  • 1 Year International Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • 3 Years International Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

To conclude the topic it can be stated that Culinary Arts certification is undoubtedly a helpful career pathway to make successful Chef in life. A successful Chef life is forever well grown Tree where the root is nurture to its Culinary Institution – and at FIHM School of Hospitality & Hotel Management, here we are committed to make and keep our student’s root of education stronger than others.

The author of this article is Mr. Prosenjit Chandra, the Deputy Director– Academics of FIHM.

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