Which Is Better Hotel Management Or Hospitality Management?

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Hospitality management is a newly-coined term as compared to hotel management. Traditionally, hotel management colleges were filling up the requirements of the different hotel related jobs, the reason being similarity in fundamental requirements for example communication, customer service and personality skills.

Following globalization, lots of middle class people have more disposable income, which resulted in rapid growth of the hospitality & tourism sector. As a result of this rapid growth, specialization was required to manage numerous industries as well as cruise liners, airlines, hospitality consulting, event management, travel management and luxury retail.

Moreover, a whole range of internet-based services for instance food services aggregators, online travel management companies and accommodations services platforms such as Airbnb also evolved. To meet this growing demand, hospitality management education began by incorporating management education with the core traditional hotel management courses.

Opportunities Abound

Today, there is a vast demand among youngsters to pursue hospitality management courses because of the wider coverage of industries and the many career options that come with these programmers. Lots of hospitality graduates come with an open mind to hospitality schools, as well as towards the end of the courses recognize their passion for a particular field & focus their strengths to excel in their area of interest.

A career in hospitality management needs certain skill sets, which include both hard and soft skills. Hard skills empower the students with skills for particular jobs in the industry and enable them with the technical knowledge of performing the role in the industry. On the other hand, soft skills exceed the job and role one plays in the industry, and provide a student with interpersonal and introspective skills, which come with experience & improve over time.

The hospitality industry has a comprehensive category of fields within the services industry. Career opportunities are really boundless across reputed hotel chains, travel and tourism airline industry, retrial industry, luxury segments, cruise liners, meeting and events planning, theme parks, and food services industry. In the food service industry, career succession could take place beginning from a restaurant manager & working up to an entrepreneur.

The food and beverage sector embraces restaurants, catering, food trucks, bakeries, fine wines & spirits, and more, as the industry continues to change. Luxury hospitality and tourism additionally present unique career paths for professionals who specialize in buildings the best guest experiences. These career paths differ extensively from guest-facing situations in the services areas, to back-end marketing as well as sales, finance roles, human resource management and work for different hospitality companies.

Greener Pastures

Hospitality management additionally opens the gates to the MICE sector and some ancillary industries, for example spas, and wellness & sports activities. The hospitality arena has developed into a many-sided industry – several multimodal companies, banks, IT firms, institutions, food chains, and hospitals and companies that have cafeteria facilities, as well as absorb hospitality professionals. The hospitality industry offers a varied range of experiences, full prospects for advancement and fast track career towards managerial levels, with the possibility to set up independent entrepreneurial ventures.

It is a reality that there is a misperception while it comes to identification of the differences in Hotel Management and Hospitality Management by aspiring students. The best guideline for aspirants is to understand that the qualities necessary for hotel management and hospitality management, more or less, remain very similar.

However, numerous students wish to be directly involved with hotel operations i.e. managing a hotel, or more broadly, any lodging and boarding establishment for example bed and breakfasts, resorts, etc. there is an momentum in the growth of hotels and hotel chains, which propels the need of operation staff in its core departments such as front office, housekeeping, food production, and F&B services.

Alternatively, hospitality management is all about people & it is independent of any particular industry. Many IT companies, MNCs, hospitals, and organizations from a broad variety of industries employ hospitality management professionals to manage events, meetings, and guests relations.

The hospitality industry relates to all the sectors that deal with customer happiness and focus on meeting leisurely requirements of clients. Hospitality management professionals are in charge of the strategic management not only of hotels, tourist spots, as well as catering establishments, but also companies that concentrate on customer experience that goes beyond hotels, counting luxury brands, events, retail etc.

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