Why should a Student get admission in FIHM College for a good future?

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Federal Institute of Hotel Management (FIHM) is best institute in India, provide sort tem and long term courses based on practical knowledge, skill knowledge, and experience, and also offer degree in Hotel Management courses to achieve their dream in Hospitality Industry. This Institute not only make student employable but also provide an excellent learning experience.

FIHM is one of the best Hotel Management college in Noida which is known as its industrial approach and scientific approach, It include difficult study and also involve hours of hard work which improve students accuracy and knowledge.

It is famous their hospitality education, more than student are become future leaders in hospitality industry.

Flexible Admission Process:

In this Hotel Management courses admission is either based on merit or result on hotel management entrance exam. its admission process is flexible, easy and accept any time in institute and also give response quickly, it provide online and offline admission process, if you apply for a course that has higher requirement, you need to respective scorecards with your application so scorecard is very important which make it very explicitly.

Experienced and trained Faculty:

A good teacher expands their knowledge continuous to provide good answer to their students. Most importantly a good teacher not only focus on their Academic performance but also our overall development. Only then can student truly grow. In this Hotel Management College’s faculty is well trained and come from the best management institute form the country, teaching process is easy, innovative and build creativeness in student mind. FIHM Faculty not only give theory knowledge but also give practical knowledge. The combination of practical and theory leads to the good learning environment for the students.

Thus a good teacher will understand their student problems and try to deal with them.

Infrastructure and Environment:

  Federal Institute of Hotel Management offer Good environment and comfortable well planned centrally air conditioned classroom with Wi-Fi enabled LED classrooms ,where students can work in a continuous environment .There are many facilities in campus i.e. seminar room, library room, discussion room, auditorium and counseling carrier room and also provide Wi-Fi connectivity for students. FIHM College of an eco-friendly environment to its students with the latest institutes.

The campus is CCTV-enabled to cater to the safety requirements of a well-endowed and equipped campus receiving a huge footfall.

Placements Guarantee:

Placement refers to the process of connecting the selected person and employer in order to establish an ongoing employment relationship. The FIHM office dedicates the valuable time for students through personalization grooming session that they get best opportunities in the future.

It additionally effort institute professors which share their experiences and knowledges that help to student during the application and any solution needed to solve problem faced in application process. 

In this Hotel Management Institutes ensures the students with 100% guaranteed placement on national and multinational organizations.

Internship Facilities:

An internship is professional learning experience that offer meaningful practical work study in carrier interest, an internship gives student the opportunity for carrier exploration and development, and to learn new skill. FIHM provide the internship program, every students has the opportunity to complete their full time experience and provide training programs. Apart from opportunities for internships and co-operations with other industry leaders, its mission is to harvest scholarly seeds and get ready for their future ventures with success and demo.

We all know that practical experience is the best, and internship give students that hand-on experience they need. I feel that quality internship are essential to develop key skill that you can’t get in classroom.

Skills such as multitasking, communicating, learning to deal with deadlines are different when you are working for someone else, not yourself like you do your college.

Some other Facilities:

On campus nurses are provide first-aid treatment and information and referrals on medicals.

Access to a well-shocked library makes it a lot easier to complete your assignment and get some quite study done between classes.

Sports Facility is being introduced with membership of more than different packages of games. Student can join all these memberships on a yearly basis.

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