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Bachelors In Culinary Arts (Duration – 3 Years + Including 6 Months Industrial Training)

About Culinary Arts Degree Programme
FIHM Noida’s Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts imparts knowledge and skills required for students to be successful in the hotel and restaurant industry. Our Bachelors in Culinary Arts is awarded by UGC Recognized University and deploys an industry driven curriculum to teach & test students and also awards industry recognized certificates to students meeting high standards of education. This twelve-month program integrates theoretical and practical knowledge in food & beverage services and culinary work. On the job experience imparted during the course enriches and reinforces what students learn in the classroom and develops their practical skills, which is critical for future success in the industry. In addition, various opportunities are provided to the student to learn and practice important skills related to responsibilities of a chef. This Degree in Culinary Arts builds and enhances strong skill sets in students which help them to become trained, professional and educated future employees. The program offers a straight school to career path for people interested in the hotel, restaurant or the food industry .The program provides students an option to have hands-on experience with foreign brands by opting for International Training.

What you will learn in this course:

Identify all kitchen tools and demonstration of safe practices operation machinery in the kitchen, understanding of standard weights, measures and scaling of ingredients.

Extensive knowledge and application of different methods and techniques of cooking Student will be trained for performing and applying basic culinary math in the food service industry, preparation of different cuisines and dressing and evaluate flavors. Also students will learn about a good personal hygiene and health habits and perform safe food handling and sanitation procedures.

Focus on hospitality communication and leadership skills

Preparation a variety of baked goods and desserts

Application of knowledge of global cuisines and preparation of meals inspired by the cuisines

Performance recipe yield conversions

Performance dishwashing / hardware washing and cleaning of production area post use

Career after this program:

Chef (as per qualification level)
Executive Chef
Food Service Manager
Food Scientist
Quality Assurance specialist/Food quality assurance manager
Food Stylist/Critics/ Bloggers
Commercial Food Manufacturers


Duration: 3 Years
Eligibility: 10+2 Pass
Awarded By: UGC Recognized University