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Trainee Chef (THSC Proposed)

About the course

Trainee Chef also known as “Assistant Cook”, the Trainee Chef is responsible for preparing, cooking and maintaining the kitchen while working under the direction of the senior Chefs. Brief Job Description: The individual at work stores supplies, cooks food as per Commi or Range or Multicuisine Chef’s instructions and maintains cleanliness in the kitchen. In order to have practical exposure along with in house practical’s ,the student have an option to club the program with 6 months or 1 year international trainings in countries such as Thailand, Mauritius , China ,Maldives etc.

What you will learn in this program

 1. Receive, store and track raw materials in the kitchen

2. Assist in food preparation and cooking

3. Maintain the kitchen

4. Communicate with customer and colleagues

5. Maintain customer-centric service orientation

 6. Maintain standard of etiquette and hospitable conduct

7. Follow gender and age sensitive service practices

 8. Maintain IPR of organization and customers

 9. Maintain health and hygiene 10. THC/N9907 Maintain safety at workplace

Career after this Program

You can work in Restaurants as Assistant Cook and can eligible to apply for Govt. Jobs also.


Duration 450 Hour
Eligibility 10+2
Awarded by: THSC
Course Code- Q2702